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The Top Three Security Concerns You Should Always Watch Out For When Buying A New Home

When you’re ready to buy a home, there are many concerns that can influence your decision and emotions can also play a big part in the process. However, one thing you should always pay attention to is the home’s criminal appeal. By paying attention to certain features, you’ll be better able to choose a safer home that won’t require significant changes to protect against invasions. Here are the three most important aspects to look at, when choosing a new home for your family.


Research the Neighborhood


Before you even step inside the home, take the time to research the neighborhood. The condition of the streets, neighboring homes, and area facilities will give you a strong impression of the neighborhood. If you see damage, graffiti, poorly maintained properties, and parks that seem unkempt, this is an indication of a declining neighborhood and should raise security concerns. Also, observe the traffic. A neighborhood with frequent traffic indicates a busy area, where home invaders can commit their crimes unnoticed.

It’s also a good idea to visit the neighborhood several times at different hours and days of the week. Be watchful for children playing in the area and observe how neighbors interact with one another. Activity in the neighborhood can give you an accurate impression of the cultural environment. If area families seem reserved and standoffish, this may indicate an unsafe element in the area.


Examine the Exterior of the Home


Your next step is to take a long look at the exterior of the house. As you tour the outside of the home, it’s a good idea to get in the mindset of a burglar. Is there a tall privacy fence? If so, this may make it easier for criminals to break into the home unnoticed. Additionally, be wary of homes that have high bushes, or bushes with thick foliage. These kinds of plants provide a good hiding place for burglars, while they wait for the occupants to leave the home.

There are also additional features that make it easier for burglars to gain access to the home. A trellis, or a tall tree situated in close proximity to the home, can make it easy for burglars to gain access to the upper levels of the house. They may be able to get inside through an unlocked window, or through an attic window. You should also look lower at garage and basement windows. Once someone gains access to a garage or basement, getting into other areas of the home are much easier.


Look for Safety Features


Lighting is another one of the major security concerns, because burglars prefer to work in darkness. While you can certainly Security Light To Houseinstall more lighting, if you really like the home, it’s more cost-effective to look for an appealing home that already has efficient lighting. Exterior lights should be controlled with motion sensors, so they will turn on as people, or four-legged pests, approach the home.


If possible, try to find a home that’s also equipped with a comprehensive security system and smart devices. Smart locks and security cameras help identify burglars and often work as a deterrent. Smart locks can be controlled via your mobile device and ensure only specific people can gain access to your home. Many smart locks are also equipped with their own cameras, so you can review video to see who tried to gain access to the home. Even if you don’t subscribe to a monitoring service, smart security devices can be useful in deterring crime, identifying burglars, and notifying you of attempted break-ins.


As you begin your home search, the smartest thing you can do for your family is to shop around for an honest and knowledgeable realtor. Working with the right professional can help you identify safer homes and good neighborhoods, where you can feel more confident in your family’s safety. This is a house in which your family will live for many years, so making safety and security a priority is essential.




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