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The Benefits Of Mortgage Refinancing



There are many benefits that a homeowner can receive when they conduct mortgage refinancing. The benefits will differ from each borrower because each has their own individual purpose for their refinance. Regardless of their reasons for one, the end result will always be one of the benefits that we have listed below.

Lower Mortgage Interest Rates



Obtaining a lower mortgage interest rate is the ultimate goal of most borrowers. Refinancing for a lower rate will put money in your pocket as you begin to pay the lower rate. You can also consider your improved credit. In this case, you may be able to apply for a lower mortgage interest rate.

Mortgage Payments are Decreased



Once you receive the lower mortgage rate your monthly mortgage payment amounts will be decreased. Another way to make your monthly amount even lower is by having your date for payoff extended further out. This extension will also allow you to decrease the amount of principle that you pay monthly.

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Term Reduction



Mortgages typically start out as loans with a 30-year term and then can be converted into a 15-year mortgage term after refinancing. Having your mortgage term reduced means your mortgage will be paid off in half the time. It also decreases the interest rate of the mortgage thus saving you some extra cash in interest payments.


When it comes to interest rates, they are typically lower on a mortgage than they are with credit cards. This lower interest is what puts money in your pocket each month.  As you refinance you can receive the equity as a loan that you can use for anything you like. If you go this route, then you will be given a check for the borrowed amount as soon as the loan closes.

Debt Consolidation

Refinancing your mortgage will allow you to use the savings to pay down other debt that you may have. This is great because you don’t have to spend any of your own money. You will save on the interest rate being lower as well as being able to eliminate your other debt completely.


Mortgage merging is often done when there is more than one mortgage and one of them is made up of a line of credit. They become merged and you get a the low mortgage rate. This is similar to a home equity loan, but instead of getting the cash for yourself it is going towards your other mortgage.


If you were forced to obtain mortgage insurance by not putting a 20% down payment, then you’ll be happy to know that the insurance can be eliminated as soon as your home has obtained at least 20% in equity. This is typically available for all mortgage types, but if you are unsure, just check with your lender first.

When it comes to interest rates, they are typically lower on a mortgage than they are with credit cards. This lower interest is what puts money in your pocket each month.


Being tax-deductible is another good reason to take an equity mortgage loan. When a couple takes one, they are able to receive a deduction on the interest paid for amounts no higher than $100,000. Single borrowers are also able to receive a deduction but theirs cannot exceed $50,000




Withdrawing Financial Responsibility



Mortgage refinancing allows the homeowner to eliminate a name off of the mortgage. When a person is removed from the mortgage it also eliminates their financial responsibility and gives them no claim into the property or its equity.


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