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Sometimes, the big name mortgage companies can make you feel more like a number than a person. Saint Charles Mortgage LLC understands that a great factor to what makes a mortgage successful is personal connection. We strive to give our clients the highest quality customer service by getting to know where you are in life and making sure we understand where you want to be.  We absolutely minimize your rate and closing costs by taking advantage of our access to several lender-only programs, helping you find what works best for your specific situation; be it purchasing a home, refinancing, or debt consolidation.

I’m Charles Ellis, and as the owner of Saint Charles Mortgage LLC, I’ve made it my goal to make our company the premier mortgage company in both Missouri and Texas. The small size of our company is to your benefit in several ways; you will always get personal attention from the same real person each time you call in, there’s no automated-call headaches, and low overhead allows us to pass those savings onto you.
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With 20+ collective years of experience, it’s no challenge for us to find you lower rates than most lenders. Working with our team gives you the confidence you need to find a home, no matter where you are in life.

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Contacting our knowledgeable staff is the first step to securing your low cost rate. Filling out our simple form is faster and easier than you think.

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Let us help you plan for the future. Our Mortgage Calculator uses a variety of factors to give you an accurate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cost.

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Buying a home is one of the most important steps in your life. Our highly available agents specialize in giving you the security and peace of mind you need, whenever you need it. Contact us today to get started in financing your home for the better!

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Where are we based?

Originating in an office just outside of St. Louis, MO, Saint Charles Mortgage LLC has also expanded to Texas City, TX and oversee loans throughout both states.

Do I have to schedule an appointment?

Not at all! The size of our company and the personal relationship we establish will allow you to call on weekends as well as later in the day. We can handle most things over the phone.

How many loans are processed per month?

Our team writes about 100 loans a month, and we thank God every day for the success He’s brought us.

How do I know I'll be working with a professional?

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau as well as Top Agent magazine as a testimony to our outstanding service and quality. We are licensed and ready to go, each with at least 10 years experience in mortgage.

How long has the company been here?

Charles has been working in the mortgage business for well over 18 years, adding team members with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm as his business grew.

I have bad credit, is that a problem?

In most cases, no. Our team has loan products that cover a credit score as low as 590.

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