The Top Five Reasons It’s Time to Settle Down With a New Home in Texas

Texas, The Lone Star State, is the country’s 2nd largest state in terms of area. The state is known for Texas BBQ, The Alamo, live music, and friendly people. Many people are choosing to make their home in Texas. Here are 5 reasons it’s time to settle down with a new home in Texas.



1. The Economy

Texas boasts one of the best economies in the country. The state is home to numerous job opportunities. Some of the state’s money comes from the oil industry. The state contains 16 seaports and 380 airports. There are over 400 wineries in the state. Texas is also the largest producer of wind power in the country. Businesses are opening at a random pace all through the state. The economy in Texas is booming, and there is no state income tax. You can find an affordable new home in Texas.


2. Education

Texas is home to a strong educational system. The state includes 143 4-year colleges and universities and many more community colleges. In addition, Texas has an excellent school system for kids ages K-12. Wherever you decide to buy your new home in Texas, you can find a school that will deliver. The SAT score in Texas is quite a bit above the nation’s average. You can get an outstanding education in Texas.



3. The Nature

Texas contains so many areas that are full of natural beauty. You can visit majestic canyons, or you can visit the Gulf of Mexico. You can see gorgeous desert plains, rolling hills, or cascading rivers. The state contains numerous national parks. You can find stunning landscapes in all parts of the state.



4. Great Food

Texas is known for having delicious cuisine. You can always find a café, buffet, fine restaurant, or hamburger place in Texas. BBQ is a favorite, along with fajitas, fried chicken chili, and chicken fried steak. You can also enjoy enchiladas, pinto beans, and black-eyed peas. And the desserts are scrumptious. You can have peach cobbler, or you can have pecan pie. You can wash it down with some iced tea, or a frozen margarita. When it comes to food, Texas has it all.


5. Sports

You will not have a shortage of sports teams to root for in Texas. High school football is king. You must attend a high school football game in the state to experience the incredible atmosphere. In addition, there are three professional basketball teams, 2 professional football teams, 2 professional baseball teams, a professional hockey team, and a professional soccer team. Sports fans will love it.

Texas is home to hot weather, country music, and national landmarks. There are miles and miles of roads to explore. It is a fast-growing state with a bright future. It is an outstanding place to settle.

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