Home Ownership Tips: The Top 10 Ways to Reduce Home Heating and Cooling Bills

Every homeowner knows that paying for a home goes beyond simply preparing a check for the mortgage on a monthly basis. You must set aside some money for upkeep, maintenance, as well as utilities like heating and cooling to make your home comfortable. In Texas, electricity bills are always high throughout the year and highest during summer. Therefore, homeowners in Texas are constantly looking for ways to cut back their energy consumption and bring down their heating and cooling bills. This guide will equip you with 10 actionable ways to lower your heating and cooling bills.


1. Adjust Your Everyday Habit


To save money on your energy consumption, you don’t have to turn off the heat and put on coats. Simple practices like switching off lights or appliances when not in use can go a long way in lowering your power bills. You can also perform household chores manually to limit the use of energy-intensive appliances. For instance, you can hang-dry your clothes rather than using a dryer or wash dishes by hand.



2. Fix a Programmable Thermostat


A programmable thermostat can help you save your hard-earned money on energy consumption. Programming temperature adjustments the entire day will enable you to set your heating and cooling unit to match with the outdoor conditions. It also allows you to control your heating and cooling system even when you are away from home.



3. Invest in Proper and Regular Air Conditioner (AC) Maintenance


Appropriate and regular maintenance of your AC can guarantee the efficiency of your AC. A more efficient AC will lower energy consumption and utility bills. The ideal time to have your system serviced is during the spring in preparation of the heavy utilization in the summer.



4. Install Ceiling Fans


Fans elevate comfort levels in a room without necessarily lowering the temperature. They provide quality air circulation that eliminates moisture on your skin, allowing you to feel cool. Use of fans coupled with careful management of your AC settings can lead to overall energy savings.



5. Create a Home Garden


Planting trees and shrubs is an excellent way to make shade within your home. You can plant them on the sunnier part of your home or close to the windows. Make sure the plants are about one foot away from the wall of your house and other full-grown plants.



6. Go for a Lower Electric Rate


One of the simplest tactics for lowering your power bill is choosing a company offering a lower electric rate. Due to the deregulation of the Texas electric market, a wide array of companies can now provide competitive pricing to clients. During the course of finding a lower electric rate, you will have a chance to choose between a variable rate plan and a fixed rate plan. A variable rate plan will allow you to benefit from a drop in energy rates while a fixed-rate plan will allow you to pay a low rate for a specific duration. With a lower electric rate, you will be able to focus on paying your mortgage without worrying about high power bills.



7. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances


Appliances account for about 13 percent of your overall household energy consumption. During the process of buying an appliance, put the initial buying price and the yearly operating expenditure into consideration. While energy efficient appliances are slightly expensive, their costs of operation are between 9 and 25 percent lower compared to traditional models.



8. Insulate Your Home Properly


Your energy consumption could be skyrocketing due to wastage of energy through air leaks in windows or doors as well as through incorrect insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can reduce your energy use by 30 percent through air sealing and correct insulation.



9. Adopt Smart Cooking and Save Energy


Kitchens consume lots of energy. You can cut back your energy use by adopting simple, stress-free cooking methods. When possible use a microwave instead of conventional ovens. Microwaves consume significantly less energy compared to conventional ovens. Don’t use your microwave for every cooking activity. Leave tasks like boiling water to an electric kettle, which is faster and energy efficient.



10. Take Advantage of the Natural Light


Opening your curtains during the day and closing them at night may be your way of using natural light in your home. However, the numerous untapped possibilities for improving your home’s natural light will surprise you. For instance, you can increase the amount of light entering your home by having the eaves painted white. Shiny interior walls and light shelves are other ways of getting the most out of the natural light.


With a significant amount of energy wastage in most homes, there are many easy and pain-free opportunities to lower your energy bill. If you take the initiative of implementing the above 10 changes, you will see your energy consumption and power bill reduce.

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