Six Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Hurricanes

Hurricane season can be a frightening time for people, especially homeowners. However, there are a few steps that you can take to protect against hurricanes and be sure your home is ready for the storm. Taking action early and being prepared before the storm hits, will help give you assurance and peace of mind when mother nature comes calling.


Here are six steps you can do now to protect against hurricanes:


1. Inspect your roof.

Be sure that you do not have any missing shingles or tiles. Check for shingles near the edge that are brittle or loose. Make sure that your soffits, flashing, and gutters are all in good shape and properly attached. Be sure your gutters are clean, so they can help the water flow away from your home.


2. Clean up and clear your yard of any loose debris.

Before the hurricane arrives, be sure to secure any loose items in your yard. Toys, chairs, tables, grills, plants, and antennas should all be secured and placed inside, as not to become dangerous projectiles. Also, check with your neighbors and see if they need any help securing their items.


3. Add storm shutters to your windows.

If your home does not have storm shutters, consider making the investment and adding them to your home. Storm shutters take some time to be installed, so prepare for this before the storm gets close. In a pinch, you can always use plywood as emergency window coverings to protect your windows from breaking and causing even more damage inside your home.


4. Build an emergency kit.

Every household should always have an emergency kit, even if you are not in a hurricane prone area. Never wait until the hurricane is coming to prepare your emergency kit. There are many pre-made kits that you can purchase, or you can create your own depending on your family’s needs. Make sure your kit has three days worth of water and non-perishable food items. Include any needed medications, important documents and papers, a first aid kit, flashlights, emergency radio, hygiene items, and batteries.


5. Be sure your insurance needs are met.

This is a crucial step to do well before the hurricane comes. Most policies will not go into effect for thirty days, so there is no last-minute insurance that you can purchase. So do not wait until that hurricane warning arrives to get properly insured. Check your insurance coverage annually to be certain you have the coverage you will need well before any storm comes your way.


6. Prepare for power outages.

Make sure all the phones, radios, and electronics you will need are properly charged. Charge any spare batteries you have, so you are prepared for a possibly long outage. Make sure you are ready with flashlights, extra batteries, and candles. Purchasing a generator is another way that you can prepare for the possibility of an extended power outage after the storm.


Taking just a few steps to protect against hurricanes will help you and your home survive the storms that come your way. Act now to prepare yourself, your family, and your home to be ready well before the hurricane arrives.

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